Minecraft Java

Hey there, Minecraft Java adventurers and pixel architects! Get ready to elevate your block-building game with a little help from Host a Palooza!

Imagine this: You're not just playing Minecraft Java; you're hosting your own blocky paradise right in your favorite Discord hangout. It's like having your very own realm at your fingertips – start, stop, and shape your world with a simple command. No computer wizardry needed!

But the adventure doesn't stop there. Managing your server has never been this straightforward. Thanks to our user-friendly web interface, you'll feel like a Minecraft maestro, even if coding isn't your forte.

And the icing on the cake? Resource Packs. Customize your world to your heart's content with full FTP access. Dress up your blocks, mobs, and landscapes in style, whether it's medieval castles or disco dance floors!

Now, here's the sweet part: Unlike those credit-gobbling servers, we won't drain your wallet for idle servers. Your precious save files are locked in, safe and sound, so you can return to your masterpiece whenever you please.

Ready to embark on your Minecraft Java journey like never before? Dive into the blocky bliss with Host a Palooza, where your worlds come to life, your creativity knows no bounds, and the fun is as endless as the Nether. Gather your fellow adventurers and let the crafting commence!


Disk size 5GB
Configurable files banned-ips.json
Preserved paths world*

Required Credits

Size Suggested Players Credits per hour
Small 1-10 players 7
Medium 10-20 players 14
Large 20+ players 28
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About Minecraft Java

Minecraft Java Edition is a beloved sandbox game that lets players unleash their creativity in a blocky world filled with endless possibilities. While the single-player experience is captivating, the game truly shines in its multiplayer mode, where players can embark on adventures, collaborate on monumental builds, and engage in exciting gameplay together.

Multiplayer in Minecraft Java Edition takes on various forms, making it a versatile and engaging social experience. Players can host their own private servers, inviting friends to join their world, or they can explore public servers offering an array of unique and player-created experiences.

One of the standout features of Minecraft Java Edition's multiplayer mode is the ability to join massive online communities and explore vast player-generated worlds. From bustling cities to intricate adventure maps, there's a server for every taste and playstyle. These servers often feature custom plugins and mods that enhance gameplay, introducing new challenges, activities, and even entirely new game modes.

For those who enjoy a more competitive experience, Minecraft Java Edition offers PvP (Player vs. Player) servers where players can engage in epic battles, participate in minigames, or put their survival skills to the test in hunger games-style challenges.

The game also supports cooperative play, encouraging friends to work together to build grand structures, embark on daring quests, or simply survive the hostile Minecraft world. With voice chat, text chat, and various communication tools, players can easily coordinate and strategize with their fellow adventurers.

Additionally, Minecraft Java Edition boasts a thriving community of modders and content creators who continually enrich the multiplayer experience. From custom skins and resource packs to elaborate adventure maps and gameplay-altering mods, there's an endless stream of player-created content to explore and enjoy.

In summary, Minecraft Java Edition's multiplayer mode offers an expansive and dynamic gaming experience. It brings players together to collaborate, compete, and explore in a world limited only by their imagination, making it a game that fosters friendships, creativity, and unforgettable multiplayer adventures.